Mountain House is truly ready to be the town of tomorrow with its comprehensive technology plan. All homes and businesses are wired with:

  • A cutting-edge, expandable fiber-optic broadband telecommunications infrastructure
  • Virtually unlimited high-speed internet access to online and electronic information
  • Video conferencing capabilities in both commercial and residential structures and the ability to order goods and services online
  • A state-of-the-art, community-wide intranet,, that allows businesses and residents special local connectivity, including the ability to access community news, other businesses, schools, and more without picking up the phone

Charter Communications
Mountain House Intranet

MID (Modesto Irrigation District)—Provider of Electricity to Mountain House

About MID
  • A customer-owned public agency, MID operates on a not-for-profit basis
  • Modesto citizens established MID in 1887 to provide irrigation water
  • MID added electric service in 1923
  • MID now provides electric service to over 110,000 residential, commercial, and industrial customers in Modesto, Salida, Empire, Waterford, Mountain House, and certain areas of Riverbank, Oakdale, Ripon, and Escalon
  • MID is committed to providing reliable electricity at the lowest possible price
Low Electric Rates
  • Currently system average rates at MID are approximately 22% lower than Pacific Gas and Electric Company in the Mountain House service area
  • Contact the MID Marketing Department at (209) 526-7393 to get a rate comparison for your business
Engineering Design
  • Typical MID design characteristics include system redundancy and state-of-the-art technology
  • The design philosophy has consistently provided MID customers with one of the highest degrees of electric reliability in the state
  • There is no charge to the developer for the electrical design work
Contact MID

For any questions about electric service in Mountain House, MID rates, or about MID in general, the toll-free customer service phone number is: (888) 335-1643 or visit MID at

Charter Communications®

Charter High-Speed Internet™
  • Surf and download huge files at blazing-fast speed
  • Get a dependable connection, that’s always on
  • No phone line required, so you will never get a busy signal
With Charter High-Speed Internet, everything you want is just a short click away at some of the fastest residential speeds available, including 3Mbps, 5Mpbs, and 10Mbps.
  • Save time online. Get to what you want—faster. Download songs and photos, play games, shop, pay bills, and surf in a flash. The dependable connection is always on, and requires no phone line.
  • Feel safer online. Anti-virus, firewall, and spam-filtering software, as well as parental controls are all included.
  • Enough for the whole family. Receive up to 10 e-mail addresses per account and extra online storage. With Charter Home Networking you can connect up to five computers in your house; allowing you to all be online at the same time. Share music, pictures, and home movies with your friends and family and work anywhere in your home without worrying about wires.
Charter Digital™

Charter Digital™ gives you what you’re looking for and more. It’s what you’d expect from TV, including great entertainment in crystal-clear digital-quality picture and sound. Plus you get features that satellite can’t match, like your personal entertainment library from Charter On Demand, which lets you decide when and how you watch TV.

  • Start programs when you’re ready with the touch of a button. Plus you can pause, stop rewind, and fast-forward movies and shows so you won’t miss a minute.
  • Free-programs for every interest including children’s shows, comedies, dramas, and much more. Also get free shows and movies from channels like HBO® and Starz® when you subscribe to those channels. Plus get Pay-Per-View movies and events for purchase.
Charter Telephone™

Get ready for Charter™ Telephone coming in 2008! A home phone that’s the same as always—only better.