Community Services

Mountain House has been designed to be a self-sufficient community, governed by its own Community Services District and offering a multitude of services for the ease and convenience of its businesses and residents. Mountain House takes exceptional pride in providing a superior level of attention to the needs of everyone who will make their home here. The CSD is designed to give local businesses and residents a greater level of service and grant access to more direct input than typical municipal environments. Some of the services provided under the jurisdiction of the CSD include:

1. Solid waste collection, recycling, and disposal (Delta Waste Haulers)
2. Telecommunications (AT&T, Charter Communications)
3. Fire protection (South County Fire Authority)
4. Police (San Joaquin County Sheriff)
5. Power (Modesto Irrigation District)
6. Natural gas (PG&E)
7. Drinking water
8. Wastewater disposal
9. Storm drainage collection and management
10. Flood control
11. Water and wastewater plants maintenance
12. Roadway and park landscape maintenance
13. Billing and collection for sewer, water, and refuse (Processed Electronically)
14. Enforcement of CC&Rs